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In Oracle, I could simply do this:


That would insert two values into myTable, and one of them would be a timestamp based-on the database server's time.

For MongoDB (via the Java driver) I've tried this:

myDoc.put("timestamp", new Date());

But that creates a timestamp based-on the client machine's time, not the database server's time.

Is there a way to have MongoDB apply a timestamp to a document based-on the the database server time?

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A little late to the game - but the recent releases of mongodb have $currentDate.

See http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/operator/update/currentDate/

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Use Morphia ORM tool for MongoDB

and for your problem hope lifecycle method of this is helpful.

i have getting result by using @Prepersist method

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And how does Morphia solve this internally? –  nilskp Jan 20 at 21:30

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