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i have a div with contenteditable="true" that im using in place of textarea
using jQuery, i cant seem to capture its val()
heres my fiddle

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With it being a div, you would grab the .text().


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Some general tips even if you got the answer

.val() = getting value from elements like text,textarea,select,checkbox

.text() = getting text values(excludes html tags) from elements like text,textarea,select,checkbox

.html() = getting html content from elements like span,div p table..etc..


<input type="text" id="someid" value="1234" />
$('#someid').val(); //1234
<p>bla bla bla<span>hello</span></p>
$('p').text(); //bla bla bla
$('p').html(); //bla bla bla<span>hello</span>
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This is not textarea but div therefore cannot be read with val().

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Change the line from....

var mypost = $('#myTextArea').val();


var mypost = $('#myTextArea').text();
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