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I am working on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), where mesh is the first step for any CFD analysis. You can google CFD mesh and get a basic idea of what a CFD mesh looks like.

I am considering how to render this mesh on a web browser which is traditionally only done on a local computer/workstation.

Do you have any recommendations which javascript that I can start with and adding features so to handle this problem? (I am not sure if Google chart API is a good place to start.) Or is it possible if I have a C++ code already that can generate a mesh file (including its points faces, etc.), when it can be done on back-end, and javascripts can read this mesh file and render it on a web browser?

Any ideas?

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If you are looking for 3D rendering with javascript, you can search the web for various engines such three.js.

Note that a high complex mesh can be slow to render or even impossible in some hardwares.

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Thanks! Yes, I understand the difficulty in rendering a 3D mesh. And I would only focus on 2D problems. And I will look into this code, see if it is actionable/programmable for my requirement. –  Daniel May 27 '12 at 6:17

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