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I am wondering if there is any special way to take action when something happens in a core data entity.

Here what I mean in the present case. I have a file name stored as an attribute in a core data entity.

As the app is running, it can happen that the item with this file name is removed from core data.

In that case what I want to happen is that the file gets removed from the file system. And this is my question: Do I need to write my own code to perform this removal? Or is there a way, that I could use, so a removal procedure would be fired automatically when the item is removed from core data?

In other words, is there a call back method like:

-(void) objectWillBeRemoved:((NSManagedObject*))object


-(void) objectHasBeenRemoved:((NSManagedObject*))object

Thanks for any relevant tip.

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Check out NSManagedObjectContextObjectsDidChangeNotification. You can read about it in NSManagedObjectContext Class Reference.

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NSManagedObject#willSave and NSManagedObject#didSave should do what you want. See apple documentation

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