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I'm creating a very simple windows phone app. I'm browsing through msdn help files and making it. I would like to save what a user types into a textbox as a variable. How can that be achived? Also, how can I make the user only able to type numbers(numeric values) not letters into the text box?

Thank you.

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If you just google it, for example 'msdn textbox windows phone', you can find much to do it yourself.

For input with only digit, use input scope with Digits

For save input as a variable use TextChanged event or query value as string value = textBox1.Text

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text Variable = int.Parse(Your Variable That Text Is Being Saved Too);

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Some explanations would make your answer clearer! – Gidil Oct 16 '12 at 12:58

For the second question use Input Spoce for the TextBox like this

<TextBox InputScope="Number" Name="input1" ></TextBox>

To save the the users input, you have to name your TextBox and then simply save the input1.Text property. If you wanna save it so the next time your app starts the user can recover it, then use IsolatedStorageSettings to save it.

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