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I use Devexpress UserControls in my ASP.Net Project for displaying, editing, and deleting rows of data.

On one of my pages, I have two controls, a DevExpress grid and an ASP.Net button. When I want to edit a row, I click on the edit button of that row, whereupon a popup showing detail of that row is displayed. I can edit these details and then take some action. Tthis popup has buttons Cancel and Save, and when I press Enter key I want the Save action to be invoked. However, currently, when I press the Enter key, it is getting directed to the main page and not the dialog?

Does anyone know how I can get the Enter key to activate the Save action on the dialog instead?

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Why don't you contact the DX guys regarding your issue? –  Mikhail Jun 5 '12 at 18:56

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Review the following examples to learn more on how to handle document events and respond to a particular end-user action:



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