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myCommand1.Parameters.Add("@I_vBACHNUMB", SqlDbType.Char).Value = GLHdr.BACHNUMB;
myCommand1.Parameters.Add("@I_vREFRENCE", SqlDbType.Char).Value = "ExcelImport";
myCommand1.Parameters.Add("@I_vTRXDATE", SqlDbType.DateTime).Value = GLHdr.TRXDATE;

In last line I have value GLHdr.TRXDATE: "15-02-2017".

I am getting format exception.Let me know where I am doing mistake.

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GLHdr.TRXDATE is a string, not a DateTime.

You need to parse it into a DateTime before passing it through:

var dt = DateTime.Parse(GLHdr.TRXDATE);
myCommand1.Parameters.Add("@I_vTRXDATE", SqlDbType.DateTime).Value = dt;

Note that DateTime.Parse can fail, so ParseExact or TryParseExact that also take a format string may be more suitable for you specific circumstances.

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Thanks for your help –  Kiran Reddy May 27 '12 at 7:38

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