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Maybe this is very simple, but I just can't get it to work. Here's the thing:

  1. I created a XSD schema and then drag and drop the table from my DataSource (SQL Server).
  2. Now I can work in report designer, since I set the data source to the .xsd file, so I drag and drop fields onto the report surface. Everything fine.
  3. I then have the controller which has an action that opens the razor view with report.

So far so good. In action, I just created the instance of one item from the database, and am setting that as a data source for the report, but when I show the view it never binds it. Nothing in the report, just labels and headers. I simply want to be able to pass an object of the type that I created and when I set the report source to be able to see data. I don't want any parameters and filtering.


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Why don't you contact the DX guys regarding your issue? – Mikhail Jun 5 '12 at 18:57

Review this help topic and ensure that you have performed all required steps correctly.

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You have to set the dataSource and dataMember of the report at the code behind event DataSourceDemanded of the XtraReport.

The Data i'm passing is a Datatable object

Private Sub myReport_DataSourceDemanded(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.DataSourceDemanded

    Me.DataSource = session("myData")
    Me.DataMember = "movimentacao_creditos"

End Sub
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