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I need to know if I can link existing facebook page (category: app page) to a facebook app? When I go to the facebook app settings, they propose to create a new page. But all I need is link to an existing one, is this possible?

Thank you for your help,

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It is possible (I verified). Check this answer:… – joost Dec 21 '12 at 11:04

No this is not possible. You need to create a new one. There used to be a time period for migration but this is gone.

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The App Profile Page -> Page migration was available from 10 December 2011 until 7 February 2012 and was announced in several blog posts and via a message at the top of all app profile pages during the migration period.

The tool for doing this was removed a few months later; if you want to create a new page and link it to the app you can do so from inside the app settings, on the Advanced tab:

enter image description here

Provided you leave the page category as 'App' there'll be a 'Go To App' / 'Play Game' link on that page, but there's no way to link an existing app to an existing page; it has to be done as a new page via the app settings interface

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