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I have many apps in my ExtJS project. I have a model which should be available in every app. So I have to redefine it for each app. Is there any way to use this model for other apps? I tried to add the model by its full namespace. But it didn't work.

So, Do you have any idea?

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Using a project structure like this:

  - models
    - mymodel
    - myothermodel
  - app1
  - app2
  - app.. N

Add Ext.Loader.setPath("MySharedModels", "../models"); at top of your projects app.js, then you can reference your entities consistently:

"MyEntity" class can be reached as MySharedModels.mymodel.MyEntity and

"MyOtherEntity" class can be reached as MySharedModels.myothermodel.MyOtherEntity

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