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Thread A: a UI thread where the Gtkmm's message loop runs.

Thread B: receives data over network and logs it to a file.

Now I want that same data that's dumped into a file in thread B, also to be displayed in a Gtk::TextView on the UI at the same time. What's the nicest way to do that?

Glib::Dispatcher doesn't take data along. So it's only good for notifying about work-done's.

libSigCX just makes me sad.

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I would try using Glib::Dispatcher along with a Glib::Threads::Mutex (or equivalent) protected std::queue<std::string> data structure. Use the dispatcher to notify the UI thread of each work item after you've put it on the queue.

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May be you should pass a UI structure pointer as parameter to the Thread B. The structure has already all the signals assigned that way you can use the TextView.

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