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I do not want to perform delete operations in my webapp. Hence I keep a column Status in all tables which is equal to P if record is deleted. By default I want that when records are fetched; entities with status = P should not be fetched; i.e. an additional where clause should happen... where status = A ; or status != P.

What is the best way to achieve it using annotations ? I can surely write a manual query..

For example :My User class can have multiple childs. How can we implement so that user.getChilds() does not return childs with status as P
   @OneToMany( mappedBy = "usr",
            targetEntity = Child.class,
            fetch = FetchType.EAGER,
            cascade = CascadeType.ALL )
    @OrderBy( "fullName ASC" )
    List<Child> childs;
    User usr;
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Use Hibernate filters, or an additional where clause. A filter can be activated and parameterized at runtime, whereas a where clause can't. But they're both used to apply an additional where clause to a persistent collection.

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