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My question is how do I get the MD5Sum of a DEB file? I'm making a cydia repo, and my Packages file needs this. I know how to find an MD5Sum, I just don't know what to convert to MD5.

Thanks, Noah

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Like this?

md5sum package.deb

... Assuming this is the file containing your package.

Seriously, though, the toolchain already knows how to calculate this. Just use the existing Debian tools to set up your repo.

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Thanks! At the time, I was using a Mac, and thought I could do it manually. I couldn't get MacPorts, because it was PPC. – Noah Mar 9 '13 at 20:35

Extract the .deb file using the ar tool; extract the control.tar.gz file in it. Check if the contrl.tar has a file md5sums. cat md5sums. This will print the filenames to the right side and their md5 sums to the left. You are most probably looking for these files.

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