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I am trying to create large initials in < p > elements which should start on sencond line and cover two lines but in firefox the first letter is not positioned as I expect (Works everywhere else, even in IE, only FF makes problems...)

First letter problem

Any ideas how to make it start on same level?

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Maybe they have different line-height values? Does it help to set those explicitly? – Mr Lister May 27 '12 at 15:50
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This has worked for me, though it's not very elegant:

So to get a cross browser drop cap effect using :first-letter pseudo-element that ver­tic­ally aligns, you need to apply float: left, then find the height of the typeface cap height, reduce the line-height to that, adjust margin-top so it aligns cor­rectly in Fire­fox and in Opera or a Web­Kit browser, and then using con­di­tional com­ments for an IE only stylesheet remove margin-top and change line-height to cor­rectly ver­tic­ally align the type.

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