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I am trying to find a sample app of a JQuery Mobile app that is hosted via PhoneGap. Specifically, I'm looking for a sample that queries Twitter. I assumed there would be 500 of these out on the internet. Unfortunately, I can't find a single one.

The reason I'm looking for one is because I'm having problems interacting with a cross-domain web service. This seemed like it would be the simplest example. Can someone please help me out?

Thank you so much!

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How about this?

When you are running the app as part of PhoneGap you will no longer have any x-domain issues. The restriction does not apply to mobile applications.

From the PhoneGap FAQ:

The cross-domain security policy does not affect PhoneGap applications. Since the html files are called by webkit with the file:// protocol, the security policy does not apply. (in Android,you may grant android.permission.INTERNET to your app by edit the AndroidManifest.xml)

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I hate to be a nuisance. However, do you know of something that will just display a query or timeline. I don't want to use oauth etc. Thanks. –  Phone Developer May 27 '12 at 17:44

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