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I'm working on a Xonix game (like Volfiex) using SFML (graphic library). The problem is when you cut specific area, the screen splits into two sub areas. Now I need to detect where the Boss is, and close the OTHER area.

My solution for now is using a matrix as the game board, and determine the area using FloodFill. it's working but I don't like how to player moves because its a matrix and he cant stop between cells.

Maybe you have any better ideas?? (without matrix) Thanks.

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There always will be some granularity. Maybe you should just increase the resolution of the play grid ? Make it higher than the displayed grid. –  Viktor Latypov May 28 '12 at 7:31

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Looks very much like Point inside a polygon problem. I suppose that even if you're drawing curved lines, you still can represent them as a polygon and test ray-segment intersections.

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