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I'm having the following jquery code what I'm using to tooltip images and fire ajax call requests. Till a point is working fine, but after the div is reloaded by ajax the tooltip and slider what actually should be able to start a new ajax call is stopping to work.

// Load this script once the document is ready
$(document).ready(function () {

 // Get all the thumbnail
 $('div.thumbnail-item').mouseenter(function(e) {

  // Calculate the position of the image tooltip
  x = e.pageX - $(this).offset().left;
  y = e.pageY - $(this).offset().top;

  // Set the z-index of the current item, 
  // make sure it's greater than the rest of thumbnail items
  // Set the position and display the image tooltip
  .css({'top': y + 10,'left': x + 20,'display':'block'});

 }).mousemove(function(e) {

  // Calculate the position of the image tooltip   
  x = e.pageX - $(this).offset().left;
  y = e.pageY - $(this).offset().top;

  // This line causes the tooltip will follow the mouse pointer
  $(this).children("div.tooltip").css({'top': y + 10,'left': x + 20});

 }).mouseleave(function() {

  // Reset the z-index and hide the image tooltip 
  .animate({"opacity": "hide"}, "fast");

$(function() {
    $( ".slider" ).slider({
        min: 0,
        max: 100,
        step: 10,

            var domain = document.domain;
            var count = $('#amount').val();
            var $parent = $(this).closest(".product_box");
            var modul_title = $("h4", $parent).text();

                data:{mod_title:modul_title, domain:domain, count:count},
                success: function(response) {
                     if(response.status = modul_title) {

                     } else 

                          alert("something went wrong!");



        slide: function( event, ui ) {
            $( "#amount" ).val(ui.value );

    $( "#amount" ).val( $( "#slider" ).slider( "value" ) );

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Remember to localize your variables - var x = ....; var y = .....;otherwise they will be created in the global namespace and may interact. – Beetroot-Beetroot May 27 '12 at 19:27

If an object is being created dynamically you will need to use something like .delegate():

or, better yet, the newer .on method:

Then bind the events and it should work. For example:

 $('div.thumbnail-item').on('mouseenter',function(e){ ...
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ok, thanks a lot! – lgt May 27 '12 at 18:05

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