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i want to know the videos number on a playlist (youtube) this is an example of a json playlist

the code :

var playlistURL = ''+config.playlist+'?v=2&alt=json&callback=?';
var youURL = '';

//retrieve json
jQuery.getJSON(playlistURL, function(data) {

    jQuery.each(data.feed.entry, function(i, item) {
        var feedTitle = item.title.jQueryt;
        var feedURL =[1].href;
        var fragments = feedURL.split("/");
        var videoID = fragments[fragments.length - 2];
        var url = youURL + videoID;
        var thumb = ""+ videoID +"/default.jpg";
            var videosCount = ??????


thanks advanced

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The total amount of videos in a playlist are stored in a span class called item-count.

var $data = $('<div>').html(data);
var videosCount = $data.find('.item-count');
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the answer is : data.feed.entry.length

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