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I am attempting to run the following code snippet:

var myVar1 = $.getJSON('myurl', function(json) {
    console.log("debug1", json);
var myVar2 = $.getJSON('myurl2', function(json2) {
    console.log("debug2", json2);

And I never see the "debug2" entry appear in my console log. When I check the status of myVar2 after the requests have completed, I see it populated with the correct data. When I append a .complete() statement at the end of the of the second .getJSON() request, the .complete() function will fire correctly.

Using jQuery 1.7.2 and lastest stable of google chrome. Why will the second callback function not fire?

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Try :

var myVar2 = $.getJSON('myurl2').success(function(){
    console.log("debug2 - success");
    console.log("debug2 - error");

You will probably see the error message and not success. I would guess that 'myurl2' does not exist though it could be that it does exist but the script makes an HTTP response with an error heading. I think a JSON decode failure will also fire the error callback.

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Thanks Beetroot! You are correct, the second URL is firing some sort of error. I'm not sure why, I've replaced everything with the first URL and it returns a .success(). Do are you aware of methods I can use to see what error it is throwing? I've created the function: .error(function(data) { console.log("error" , data); }) and in the data object I can see the responseText that I want, but I am not sure why it is returning an error. Any ideas? – Ian May 29 '12 at 0:37
Upon futher inspection (and using the error function .error(function(data, data2, data3) { console.log("error" , data, data2, data3); }) I have found there is a parse error! one of the values returned is a double with NaN not enclosed in quotes and throwing a parse error. This is a new problem to solve :) thanks for your help! – Ian May 29 '12 at 0:42
Ian, fyi the .error() callback's arguments (and many other things) are explained in jQuery's ajax documentation. – Beetroot-Beetroot May 29 '12 at 4:42

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