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I am trying to learn NopCommerce, and planning to use it for a project. I downloaded the sourcecode of version 2.50. I compiled the code and completed db installation.

Now some of localization resources cannot be seen as resource values.

  • For example, in administration there is a "Admin.Header.LoggedInAs" text next to logout.
  • On datagrids (Telerik i think) on header and footer lines, there is "Admin.Telerik.GridLocalization.DisplayingItems".
  • On store homepage, there is a "News.MoreInfo" text after the news item.
  • I have one item in shopping cart and there is "ShoppingCart.Mini.OneItemText" text on mini shopping cart.
  • There is "Availability: Products.Availability.InStock" text, next to every product that is is stock.

I double checked all of the Resource Keys thorough Admin->Languages datagrid, and made sure that these are on Sql Server database also.

How can i fix or debug it? I checked views with breakpoints on T["Admin.Header.LoggedInAs"] and its Text property is "Admin.Header.LoggedInAs" for example.

It is strange that all or most of the resource values have {0} and of course used with string.Format


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I realized that if i change case from "ShoppingCart.Mini.OneItemText" to "shoppingcart.mini.oneıtemtext", everything works fine. I am using regional and language settings as Turkey/Turkish. BTW, server is local. Is it only working with English regional settings? –  vardars Jun 30 '12 at 16:05

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I finally found out that the problem is caused by the collation of SQL Server db. My local SQL Server's default collation is "Turkish_CI_AS", so if i create a db from SQL Server Management Studio, it creates "Turkish_CI_AS" collation db by default. I created a db with "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" collation, and now everything works fine.

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