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I'm using lighttpd 1.4.28 on my Ubuntu 12.04 localhost, and I can't make it support SSI. SSI directives in the test page:

<!--#set var="ssi_ok" value="SSI OK" -->
<!--#echo var="ssi_ok" -->

don't work and are displayed in the source code view as comments. I heard of a bug that 'mod_ssi' had to be included before 'mod_compress', so my modules section is like this:

server.modules = (
#       "mod_rewrite",

What should I try to make SSI work?

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Well, it turned out that the problem was in file permissions. As far as I remebmer, right include order was necessary but finally it worked only as I'd chown'ed all html content to 'www-data'.

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Perhaps, you should have added this line to the lighttpd config file as well:

ssi.extension = ( ".shtml" )
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