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I have a domain 'bar.com' I have a CNAME entry for 'foo.bar.com' because thats the name of my site(foobar) I would like to have an email address like 'info@foo.bar.com'

I'm trying to hookup the domain to a google apps for small business and it expects me to have a bunch of MX records created with Godaddy for foo.bar.com.

But when I go to the Domain Management console for Godaddy to create an MX record for foo.bar.com, it gives me the error:

A CNAME exists for the hostname xyz, could not create MXRECORD

because there is already a CNAME entry for foo.bar.com so I can use http://foo.bar.com for my site.

So how do I get the required MX record for foo.bar.com so I can set up an email like info@foo.bar.com ?

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in your configuration bar.com is a domain and foo is the hostname. you can create mx records for domains not for hosts. delete the cname foo and create a subdomain foo of domain bar.com. then you can create a mx record for foo.bar.com. map the ip address of your webserver to the foo.bar.com domain in order your website is still accessable

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"delete the cname foo and create a subdomain foo of domain bar.com". Pardon my ignorance but creating a CNAME record is the only way I understand how to create a subdomain. Is there another way without creating a CNAME record? –  udit May 27 '12 at 23:02
no a cname is not a subdomain. with cnames you can configure alias names for a host. if you have an A Record p. example www.xyz.com and you want an additional name for this host then you create a cname www1.xyz.com. have a look at Douglas answer this should be working for creating a subdomain but before you do that you had do delete the foo cname. –  user1008764 May 29 '12 at 12:50

I would recommend you to create foo as new domain on your Control Panel. So, it will be foo.domain.com. And then you can go to your DNS setting--> you can change your MX. Hope it helps.

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