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Usually using word Group as a model name is nice and easy, but my applicatoin is just getting little bit bigger and I was thinking about using UserGroup. This solves my problem, On the other hand making it 2 words creates code that is not visually satisfying @user.user_group or task.task_type .

What would be the other disadvantages of using names like these other than that?

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I think we've all been there. My 2 cents:

  • UserGroup. In a web application most of the times a group is a group of users, so you may safely drop the User.

  • TaskType. Type is too general a name, so I'd compromise: call the class TaskType but use types as the association name so you can write the arguably nicer some_task.types:

    class Task
      has_many :types, :class_name => :TaskType
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