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I'm making a window of sorts that is position:absolute;.

As seen here on jsbin the 'window' has a titlebar and its contents:

<div class="l">
<div class="t">
<div class="x">

my styles are as follows:


What I'm having a problem with is making div x take up all of the available space and overflow:auto; into a scrollable area.

Since div l has a definite size I can apply overflow:auto; to it and have a scrollable area but the whole title, div.t, scrolls as well, seen here.

I need div x to fill the remaining space until the bottom 1em padding so I can use overflow:auto; on it.

Is there anyway to do this without making div.x absolutely positioned? or at least without knowing the height of div.t?

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I think this would only be possible if you set height for div.t. Here's a sample: http://jsfiddle.net/gmncc/

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and then remove padding on div l, yeah that's what I was thinking, or as I mentioned, using absolute positioning. Let's hope someone can prove us both wrong! :) –  Hawken May 28 '12 at 3:01
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I think it's fairly clear now that the answer is no, it's not possible to get div.x to fill the remaining height.

Maybe CSS3 flexbox can accomplish this, but that was out of the scope of the question when I asked it, and probably belongs in a separate question.

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