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I upgraded my build environment to the most recent version of gradle (1.0-rc3). I'm receiving the following deprecation warning:

"The Project.dependsOn(String path) method has been deprecated"

I fixed all of my task dependsOn references to use the object references, but I do not know how to fix the dependsOn references for multiproject Projects. I have a project that depends on another project. This is the definition at the top of the build.gradle script:


How do I convert this string reference to an object reference to the project? I looked through the gradle documentation, but it still references the deprecated string syntax (link below).


This syntax works today, but the deprecation warning is telling me it will not in the future. How do I fix this?

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The deprecation warning isn't about changing String references to Object references (there isn't even a Project.dependsOn() method that accepts an Object). It's about giving up on Project.dependsOn() and only using Task.dependsOn().

In Gradle, execution dependencies are always between tasks. Project.dependsOn() was a way to add a task dependency from every task in project A to the equally named task in project B (if it exists). Practice showed that this feature has little value and is often misunderstood, hence the deprecation.

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That explanation makes sense, I understand now, thank you. I moved that dependsOn call to a task instead of using it at the project level and it solved the issue. – jmq May 28 '12 at 15:41

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