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I have a Java EE6 application with 3 JPA Entities and MySQL DB connection. The end User needs one table in his MySQL Database which needs a combination of data from the three Entities.

Could I use the Observer Design Patter with a fourth JPA Entity which just get all changes from the 3 Entities and write them in the End user table? Or should I use MySQL view to create the end User Table from the existing 3 JPA Entities tables?

Hi, thanks for your replay. Well my application is for manage ads campaigns. So I have Entity Campain(name) Entity CampainInterval(Start, End) and CampainCost(start, end, cost). For example Campaign (google ads), CampaignInterval [01.05.2012 to 31.12.2012] CampaignCost [10.05.2012/20.05.2012/ 2000 €] and CampaigCost [01.08.2012/07.08.2012, 700 €]. The Enduser wants a table with the columns[campainName / DailyDate/ Cost Per Day] for google ads example the Enduserv Table should have the rows : [google ads, 10.05.2012, 200 €] Row2: [google ads, 11.05.2012, 200€] Row3: [google ads, 12.05.2012, 200€] and so one. Then Row11[google ads, 01.08.2012, 100€] Row12[google ads, 02.08.2012, 100 €] and so on till the last row17[google ads, 07.08.2012, 100€] and the question was if I should define a fourth Enity(campaignName, dailyDate, DailyCost],and use the observer Pattern to fill the data in it every time when the user create a Campain with CampainInterval and CampaignCost, or if I should use view to create the Enduser table. I am new to mySql and I don't know how to create the Enduse table from existing tables and what is the better solution: observer Patter with fourth Entity or just MySql view. I am very grateful for each answer with maybe a view example. Thank you very much

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Your config is not obvious... 1. End User's MySQL Database connection is a part of Your .ear or .war at any persistence.xml? 2. Where are stored Your JPA Entities? 3. They are modifiable for this End User? –  ArchiMage May 28 '12 at 6:13
Yes, use a view. That's what they're for. –  JB Nizet May 28 '12 at 6:22
Thank you for your replay. Please see my update in my question. I am very thankful for your replay. –  Laith May 28 '12 at 10:18

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