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I'm trying to use mpip and ipm to profile an MPI program.

The program is working well, but when I link it with ipm or mpip in order to profile it, then when I execute the program I get wrong results. I've tried compiling the program with and without optimizations, but the result was the same

I have used ipm before without problems. The only 2 differences being that previously I was using C and now I'm using Fortran 77, and previously I had only one source file and so I compiled+linked like this:

mpicc my_mpi_code.c -o my_mpi_code -L/path/to/ipm/lib -lipm

And now, since I have hundreds of source files, I compile first (with mpif77 -c -O2 file.f, for example), and only then do I link everything:

mpif77 -o mpi_prog.x mpi_prog.o libWithAllOFiles.a -L/path/to/ipm/lib -lipm

I have also tried to do the compilation like this:

mpif77 -c -O2 -L/path/to/ipm/lib -lipm file.f

but the result was the same.

Any idea why this happens? What's the influence of mpip/ipm on the program execution?

Thanks in advance!

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Which result is wrong - the profiling output or the result from the computation? mpiP and IPM both use the PMPI interface and in no way alter your code but in general change the timing of the MPI calls which may expose race conditions in the algorithm. – Hristo Iliev May 28 '12 at 7:59
What is the nature of the wrongness of the results ? Are you confident that the version which does not use mpip/ipm produces correct results ? Perhaps linking with mpip/ipm changes one set of wrong results into another set. More diagnostic data please. – High Performance Mark May 28 '12 at 9:10
The wrong results are the ones from the computation. Without IPM/MPIP the computation's results are the same than the ones produced by the program's sequential version, which are correct. All I do in the MPI version is to have all the processes executing exactly the same program, except for a double loop whose iterations are split among processes, and in the end of that double loop I do an Allreduce for the variables whose values were modified. – dx_mrt May 28 '12 at 10:46
@dx_mrt: you still haven't told us anything useful, for diagnostic purposes, about the wrong results you are getting. You keep telling us that they are wrong -- but the precise nature of their wrongness is very important in trying to diagnose potential problems. How do the results of running the program on 1 MPI process compare to the results of running the sequential version of the program ? with the results of running the program on multiple MPI processes ? – High Performance Mark May 28 '12 at 12:40
@HighPerformanceMark, sorry, and thanks for your patience. Ok, I figured how to make the program produce the right results while using MPIP/IPM: I was doing the Allreduce and using the MPI_IN_PLACE flag; if I don't use the flag I get the right results (with and without MPIP/IPM), if I use the flag I get wrong results while using MPIP/IPM and right results when not using MPIP/IPM. Any idea why? – dx_mrt May 28 '12 at 13:43

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