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I have a mobile radio broadcasting (not actually, just streaming recorded materials), and I am using HTML5 tag for the player. Unfortunately, most of my audiances use Opera Mini which doesn't support HTML5, so I thought to overcome that bug by providing them a link to download the audio material from it, but it doesn't work .. it just returns the user to the home page. It works fine on PC, but on mobiles it doesn't.

Hope I may find some help here :)

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I forgot to post the link: mirifm.com –  عبود بن دردير May 28 '12 at 1:02
Where is the download link on that page? The only mp3 I can find in the source produces a 404 Error: mirifm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/david-titanium.mp3 Have you tried to add the HTTP header Content-Disposition: attachment to the download? –  panzi May 28 '12 at 23:33

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