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I never used name attribute, but in MVC looks like i must.

I have

<select name="testname" onChange="Alert()">
<option value="8">Test</option>


function Alert(){

Result should be alert("testname")

Its simple, but i never used, and its hard to find on google, since everyone asking about getting value or index :D

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The problem is that due to the way you call Alert, this refers to window, not to the DOM element. You could pass it to the function as argument:

<select name="testname" onchange="Alert(this)">


function Alert(element){

There are better ways to attach event handlers than using HTML attributes. I recommend to read the various articles about event handling on

Also make sure you understand how this works.

Of course you could also write

<select name="testname" onchange="alert(">

If you are using jQuery, then you should use it to bind the event handler. For example:

$('select[name=testname]').change(function() {

Have a look at a jQuery tutorial and take the time to go through the API documentation, it's worth it.

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Oh i forgot to include "this" as parameter. Thx! – Novkovski Stevo Bato May 28 '12 at 1:49

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