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How would I do an entityload with its resultset being in random order?

So if I do entityload("modelName"), how Would set it's sort order so that it is randomly different each time I call it?

Many Thanks

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Well, the short answer is it is really difficult with entityLoad(). However, with HQL, it's actually not too bad.

Most DB languages will have a random function. So, using the built in art table and an entity, you can use ormExecuteQuery to generate your results:

hql = " SELECT DISTINCT artName
        FROM art
        ORDER BY RANDOM() ";

results = ormExecuteQuery(hql);

for( art in results ) {
    writeOutput(art & "<br/>");

Because it won't return any null records, you will get a random result set every time.

Hope this helps ^__^

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Good answer. As you say the function will depend on your DB. In MySQL it's RAND() rather than RANDOM() –  CfSimplicity May 31 '12 at 7:48
Thanks jcaito.. that worked a treat.. only problem was that I didn't get my setters and getters back.. data just came back as an array or arrays(?). I also used another approach which gave me a full entity back, including all getters and setters, will post as an alternative answer. Thanks again! –  Jason Jun 5 '12 at 1:38

Another approach I used is to create a sortOrder column in my table (and model) and a function to randomly populate it. probably not as efficient as jCaito's option, but had some benefits.

public function getRandom(){
    return entityload("provider", {}, "sortOrder");

private void function randomizer(){
    source = entityload("provider");
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