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I am running Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit on a machine which has ATI Radeon 6550M as the GPU. I have installed the proprietary driver(1) from the AMD website. OpenGL rendering works fine with the driver.

I have installed an android emulator with and AVD (4.0.3) running x86 arch with help from the TestObject blog(2). I have also enabled KVM support, and it works almost fine. I also have another AVD under ARM architecture. There is a small issue with both these AVDs.

When I run the emulator (either x86 or ARM) with GPU emulation (option "-gpu on"), the resolution of the emulator is horrible. This happens only with the GPU emulation set, not otherwise.

With GPU emulation: Android Emulator with GPU Emulation

Without GPU emulation: Android Emulator without GPU Emulation

As you can wsee, the display with GPU emulation is horrible. Why is it so? How do I see the issue and work around the same?


Thanks and Regards,
Hrishikesh Murali

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I have the same issue on my mid-2011 macbook air with Intel HD Graphics 3000. – Mark Jul 3 '12 at 0:47

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