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I have jobplacement model and i want to implement search functionality which should be a keyword search i.e i mean even if you type any keyword in search and if that is present in the db of jobplacement table it should show the results.

Currently i am using following code which just matches 1 field i.e name of the company and category as in the params[:category].Following is tha code of my jobplacementcontroller/index action

if params[:search]
      @search_condition = "%" + params[:search] + "%"
      @searchresult = Jobplacement.where(['name LIKE ? and category = ?', @search_condition ,params[:category]])
     @searchresult = ""

Also in above code although i have given condition for category its not executing properly.When i do search it gives results that matches name field but its not evaluating params[:category] condition.it shows all the records even if they are not in the params[:category].

Following are the fields in my jobplacement model :

t.string   "name"
t.string   "designation"
t.string   "qualification"
t.integer  "years_of_exp"
t.string   "location"
t.integer  "noofpost"
t.string   "jobprofile"
t.string   "salaryoffered"
t.string   "contactperson"
t.string   "employmenttype"
t.text     "address"
t.string   "city"
t.string   "state"
t.string   "country"
t.integer  "contactno"
t.string   "website"
t.text     "aboutcompany"

so when i enter any keyword in search if that matches with data of any field it should return that data.How can i do this... How can i solve this params[:category] error and how can i do keyword search that matches any record present in the database of jobplacement model not just 1 field.

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check out Thinking Sphinx, it has solutions to your problems and has more features like sub string search, wild char support and more

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using the squeel gem http://erniemiller.org/projects/squeel/ you can simply do:

terms = params[:search].split 
Jobplacement.where {name.eq(params[:category]) & (name.like_any(terms) | designation.like_any(terms) | qualification.like_any(terms) <...>) } 
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