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These are the strings I have:


I want to add the 123.00 with 50.00.

How can I do this?

I used the command parseInt() but it displays NaN error in alert box.

This is the code:

 str1 = "test123.00";
 str2 = "yes50.00";
 total = parseInt(str1)+parseInt(str2);
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you need to use regexp to filter out non-numbers and then use parseInt() –  rt2800 May 28 '12 at 6:16
Why is php tagged on this question? –  dpk2442 May 28 '12 at 6:19

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just do this , you need to remove char other than "numeric" and "." form your string will do work for you

yourString = yourString.replace ( /[^\d.]/g, '' );

your final code will be

  str1 = "test123.00".replace ( /[^\d.]/g, '' );
  str2 = "yes50.00".replace ( /[^\d.]/g, '' );
  total = parseInt(str1, 10) + parseInt(str2, 10);


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For parseInt to work, your string should have only numerical data. Something like this:

 str1 = "123.00";
 str2 = "50.00";
 total = parseInt(str1)+parseInt(str2);

Can you split the string before you start processing them for a total?

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str1 = "test123.00";
str2 = "yes50.00";
intStr1 = str1.replace(/[A-Za-z$-]/g, "");
intStr2 = str2.replace(/[A-Za-z$-]/g, "");
total = parseInt(intStr1)+parseInt(intStr2);


working Jsfiddle

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Is this logically possible??.. I guess the approach that you must take is this way :

Str1 ="test123.00"
Str2 ="yes50.00"

This will be impossible to tackle unless you have delimiter in between test and 123.00

eg: Str1 = "test-123.00" 

Then you can split this way

Str2 = Str1.split("-"); 

This will return you an array of words split with "-"

Then you can do parseFloat(Str2[1]) to get the floating value i.e 123.00

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It can do without delimiter. –  Janaka R Rajapaksha May 4 at 6:52

Here is a good way using parseFloat()

var b=str1.substr(-7);
else if(str1.substr(-6)==parseFloat(str1.substr(-6)))
var b=str1.substr(-6);
else if(str1.substr(-5)==parseFloat(str1.substr(-5)))
var b=str1.substr(-4);
else if(str1.substr(-4)==parseFloat(str1.substr(-4)))
var b=str1.substr(-4);
else if(str1.substr(-3)==parseFloat(str1.substr(-3)))
var b=str1.substr(-3);
else if(str1.substr(-2)==parseFloat(str1.substr(-2)))
var b=str1.substr(-2);
var b=str1.substr(-1);

It checks and give the correct number and store it in variable b, b will be 123.00. You may use this method to get the number from str2 and store it in another variable(say a) and add a+b

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