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I would like to update the following:

<a data-fb="4dfsdgdsgsdfgsdfgcf08" class="fb-like" href="#">
<span class="like-icon">Likes:</span> 10</a>

I wish to update the value '10' with a result returned from a web service, I have the result stored in a variable called fbNumber. The data-fb attribute is unique so I wish to search for this and update the value.

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If the data-fb value is unique, why not use the id attribute and use getElementById() to reference it? – Ja͢ck May 28 '12 at 6:28
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A simple .replace seems to be sufficient here. You can get the current contents using the .html method, and replace any sequence of numbers found within with your new number:

var fbNumber = 23;

    return v.replace( /([0-9]+)/, fbNumber );


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Bah, had something similar with .html but forgot [] brackets, cheers. – Adrian May 28 '12 at 6:38
$("[data-fb='4dfsdgdsgsdfgsdfgcf08']").html("<span class=\"like-icon\">Likes:</span> "+ fbNumber);
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