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JavaFX 2.1:

My button with image works fine in JavaFX 2.0. Upgrade to JavaFX 2.1, the image disappeared.

Here is the code:

Button aButton = new Button("Test");
String iconPath = "/com/abc/res/toolbar/Help.gif";
Image aIcon = new Image(
    getClass().getResourceAsStream(iconPath), 18, 18, false, false);
aButton.setGraphic(new ImageView(aIcon));

This works under JavaFX 2.0. It doesn't work under JavaFX 2.1. To make the graphic shows up, I have to remove the re-size function.

Image aIcon = new Image(getClass().getResourceAsStream(iconPath));

Any suggestion?

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The button graphic not showing up for the resized image would appear to be a regression - to get it fixed, file a bug to with your sample code and sample image.

As a workaround, load the Image without resizing it in the constructor and resize the loaded image in an ImageView via imageView.fitWidth() and imageView.fitHeight().

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imageView.fitWidth() works. aImageView.setFitHeight(18); aImageView.setFitWidth(18);---Thanks – Lewis Liu Jun 3 '12 at 16:47

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