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What is the best way to find a directory with a specific name in Java? The directory that I am looking for can be located either in the current directory or one of its subdirectories.

Any input appreciated!

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What have you tried? Or rather, what are your theories based on testing the best 2 (shrugs) approaches you could think of? Or does this question actually mean "Can u giv me teh codez?"? –  Andrew Thompson May 28 '12 at 7:18

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Your solution will include the use of File.listFiles(String)

java.io.File API reference

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Thanks Andrew. I'm constrained 1.6, but I forget that others are not. –  MadcoreTom May 28 '12 at 7:23
"I'm constrained 1.6" As am I (except when I dip back into 1.5 dev. or beyond). Lucky those docs. have @since tags & the compiler has cross-compilation options as the 'acid test' of version compatibility. I would link to the latest Java Docs even if people mentioned they were developing for Java 1.3. ;) –  Andrew Thompson May 28 '12 at 7:26
+1; I like this, it is exactly the right answer to a question not showing any research effort. –  home May 28 '12 at 7:53

Divide and conquer? A naive approach: For every directory, you may start a task, it does the following:

  1. list every directory
  2. if the list contains a matching directory, prints and exit the application
  3. start a task for every directory.
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To walk the file tree, FileVisitor interface can be used. Please see the tutorial. Please see Find sample codes also.

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This is a better solution than @MadcoreTom's #listFiles as it lets you terminate the walk once the file is found. –  Kong Jun 11 '14 at 2:57

Something like:

public static final File findIt(File rootDir, String fileName) {
    File[] files = rootDir.listFiles();
    List<File> directories = new ArrayList<File>(files.length);
    for (File file : files) {
        if (file.getName().equals(fileName)) {
            return file;
        } else if (file.isDirectory()) {

    for (File directory : directories) {
        File file = findIt(directory);
        if (file != null) {
            return file;

    return null;
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As you mentioned recursion should cater to this requirement

import java.io.File;

public class CheckFile {

    private static boolean foundFolder = false;

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        File dir = new File("currentdirectory");

    private static void findDirectory(File parentDirectory) {
        if(foundFolder) {
        File[] files = parentDirectory.listFiles();
        for (File file : files) {
            if (file.isFile()) {
            if (file.getName().equals("folderNameToFind")) {
                foundFolder = true;
            if(file.isDirectory()) {

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Bit late to the party here, but for anyone following - this can be done in Java 8 via the streams API:

Optional<Path> hit = Files.walk(myPath)
   .filter(file -> file.getFileName().equals(myName))

The #walk is lazy, so any short-circuiting terminal operation will optimize the IO required.

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