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In app_controller.php

 var $components = array('Session', 'Component1', 'Component2');

I want to avoid loading of all components when $this->params['prefix'] == admin, only

var $components = array('Session');

is enough there..

How to do it ?

Is it possible to not load a component for a particular controller method

class PagesController extends AppController

    function search()
    // avoid loading  of components ('Component1' and  'Component2') here which is loaded in app_controller  '$components' array
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you can override the constructor then (if the information is already available this soon):

public function __construct(CakeRequest $request = null, CakeResponse $response = null) {
    if ($this->params['prefix'] == 'admin') {
        $this->components[] = 'Session';
    parent::__construct($request, $response);

But IMO its kinda silly to include the session component only for admin (since the overhead to program this is way beyond what you gain by doing it)

PS: there is also the manual (and probably cleaner) way:

public function beforeFilter(){
    if ($this->params['prefix'] == 'admin') {
        $this->Session = $this->Components->load('Session');
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