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I am building the analogClock (class AnalogClock : public QWidget) example application under qtbase/example/widgets, but with following undefined symbol: _ZTV11AnalogClock...

And I objdump -t analogClock.exe to try find who reference this symbol, but nothing found...

MORE INFO: As long as the class inherit from QWidget, and construct a object, then there will be a undefined symbol _ZTVXYYY, where X is the length of the class name, YYY is the class name.

so could you someone help point out what's this _ZTVXYYY symbol ? And how to avoid this situation ?

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From, it uses a name mangling scheme that assigns _ZTV to virtual function tables. But I am still confusing why could result in such undefined error ? – thincal May 28 '12 at 7:59

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It's caused by the Makefile is not generated by the correct qmake tool.

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