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$var1 = str_replace('\n', "<br/>", $var1);
$var2 = str_replace('\n', "<br/>", $var2);
$var3 = str_replace('\n', "<br/>", $var3);

$var1 = nl2br($var1);
$var2 = nl2br($var2);
$var3 = nl2br($var3);

<a href="javascript:" class="history_link" style="color:<?php echo $color; ?>" onclick="showPopUpWindow(
   '<?php echo htmlentities($var1, ENT_QUOTES); ?>',
   '<?php echo htmlentities($var2, ENT_QUOTES); ?>',
   '<?php echo htmlentities($var3, ENT_QUOTES); ?>'

My situation is this: I have some text from a DB and I need to pass it to a JS function as parameter using the onclick event of a tag (I know this sucks and everything, but I'm working over the code of a random freelancer guy from 4 years ago and I have no other choice). I don't know what the text contains. It may have special chars ($, #, %, ", ' etc.), it may contain HTML tags. I tried using htmlentities, nl2br, replacing nl with br (str_replace), changing the quotes of the onclick event to single and double but it doesnt work. There are 3 parameters I have to pass.

Here's a part of my code. ANY help would be appreciated.

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Put the final result of the <a> tag here. –  flowfree May 28 '12 at 8:06

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Have you tried json_encode?

<a href="javascript:" class="history_link" style="color:<?php echo $color; ?>" onclick="showPopUpWindow(
   <?php echo json_encode($var1); ?>,
   <?php echo json_encode($var2); ?>,
   <?php echo json_encode($var3); ?>
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