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Basically I have a JQGrid that displays certain information about bookings that have been made as shown below:

JQGrid - Bookings table

When you double click a row it brings up a Jquery Dialog Box that displays all the information about their booking:

Dialog - Bookings docket

What I need to do is is SELECT * FROM tblbookings WHERE 'bookingreference' = (to the row that is selected).

See below code for JQgrid:

    datatype: 'xml',
    mtype: 'GET',
    colNames:['Booking Reference','Date of Booking','Time of Booking','Booking Date','Return Date', 'Fare'],
    colModel :[{name:'bookref', index:'bookref', align:'center', search:true, width:207},
        {name:'recordeddate', index:'recordeddate', align:'center', search:false, width:207},
        {name:'recordedtime', index:'recordedtime', align:'center', search:false, width:207},
        {name:'bookingdate', index:'bookingdate', hidden: true, editrules: { edithidden: true }},
        {name:'returndate', index:'returndate', hidden: true, editrules: { edithidden: true }},
        {name:'fare', index:'fare', align:'center', search:false, width:207}],
    pager: $('#bookingsPager'), rowNum:500, rowList:[500,2000,5000,10000],
    sortname: 'recordeddate',
    sortorder: "desc",
    viewrecords: true,
    hidegrid: false,
    imgpath: 'lib/themes/steel/images',
    height: '300px',
    forceFit: true,
    caption: 'Bookings History',
    loadtext: 'Loading',
    ondblClickRow: function(rowid)
    var rowData = new Array();
        rowData = $("#bookings").getRowData(rowid);
        $("#cp-bookings-dialog").dialog({ hide: 'slide', height: 625, width: 733, title: 'Booking Reference: - '+ rowData['bookref']});

    editurl: 'scripts/php/bootstrp/cp.request.php?ft=ug&table=bookings'


// Extend base search class
$.jgrid.search = {
    caption: "Please enter a booking reference number:",
    Find: "Search",
    Reset: "Reset",
    height: "130",
    width: "628",
    odata : ['equal']

What I believe I have to do to achieve this is send an AJAX request to a PHP script, i.e. send the Bookingreference to the script where I query the database for all bookings. Since I am quite new to PHP and Jquery I am not too sure how to go about doing this so any help would be much appreciated.

If you need any more information, see below the code for the Dialog:

<div id="cp-bookings-dialog">

    <div class="cp-tiles-wrapper-dlg">

        <div class="cp-booking-info left">

            <p class="pno-margin">Booking Date: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Return Date: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Journey: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Passenger Tel: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">E-mail: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>


        <div class="cp-booking-info cp-booking-spacer left">

            <p class="pno-margin">Booking Time: &nbsp;<strong</strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Return Time: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Passenger Name: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Account Number: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Payment Type: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>


        <div class="cp-booking-info2 cp-booking-spacer left">

            <p class="pno-margin">Pickup: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Via: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Destination: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>


        <div class="cp-booking-info left">

            <p class="pno-margin">Medium Luggage: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Flight Number: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Docket Number: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>


        <div class="cp-booking-info cp-booking-spacer left">

            <p class="pno-margin">Holdall Luggage: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin">Flight Arrival Data: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>
            <p class="pno-margin company-colour"><strong>Price: &nbsp;<strong></strong></strong></p>


        <div class="cp-booking-info2 left">

            <p class="pno-margin">Comments: &nbsp;<strong></strong></p>




and here is the PHP:

    $pdo = new SQL();
    $dbh = $pdo->connect(Database::$serverIP, Database::$serverPort, Database::$dbName, Database::$user, Database::$pass);

    try {

        $query = "SELECT * FROM tblbookings";

        $stmt = $dbh->prepare($query);


        $row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_BOTH);

 /*     Company::set_id($row['Id']);
        Company::set_name($row['CompName']); */



    catch (PDOException $pe) {
        die("Error: " .$pe->getMessage(). " Query: ".$stmt->queryString);

    $dbh = null;

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if I understood correctly... On doubleclick a row, you want to get the booking reference id and pass through ajax as input to the php script right? – vissu May 29 '12 at 9:19
That is correct – nsilva Jun 12 '12 at 11:18

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