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I am creating a form where i am saving the data into the local storage. I am calling the proxy in the model. But i am not sure of is how to get the data from the local storage.

My code is:

var model = new InfoImage.model.configure.configModel(); = servname;
               = port;
               = protocol;
               = username;
               = password;
               = domain;
               = apptitle;
               = appconfig;

                        users = Ext.getStore('configStore').sync();
                        var item = localStorage.getItem('servname');

my model is:

//Defining a data structure for the Work Item List

Ext.define('InfoImage.model.configure.configModel', {
    extend : '',

    config : {
        //Defining the fields required in the Work Item List
        fields : [ 'servname', 'port', 'protocol', 'username', 'password',
                'domain', 'appconfig', 'apptitle', 
                'appconfig' ],

        proxy : {
            type : 'localstorage',
            id : 'configId'

var item = localStorage.getItem('servname'); is giving me "null" result. I have a store defined but i haven't used it yet. Any idea how I should go about it?

Thanks in advance.

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Where is you store ? – Titouan de Bailleul May 28 '12 at 9:51
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If you store is called 'Items' and if it's loaded, you can to these :

var store = Ext.getStore('Items'); // Get the store
store.add({...}); // Add an instance of you model item
store.sync(); // Will add the item to the locastorage
var item = store.getAt(0) // Get the first item in the store
store.remove(item); // Remove the selected item from the store
store.sync(); // Will remove the item from the localstorage

Hope this helps

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Please visit:!/api/

If you want to save data in local storage you should call yourStore.sync()

If you want to add data to store (not to localstorage) you should call yourStore.add( object )

Then if you need to update your localstorage with new data you should call yourStore.sync() again.

If you want to fill your store with data from localstorage you should call yourStore.load().

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i dont want to add it in the store. I want to retrieve the value from the local storage. Is that possible? – Khush May 28 '12 at 9:17
First sync store data with localstorage: users = Ext.getStore('configStore').sync(); and then you can load it. If you didn't add any data (using sync) to localstorage you can't get anything from it, because it is empty. – Dmytro Plekhotkin May 28 '12 at 9:25
first you define model like below
        identifier: 'uuid',
        proxy:`enter code here`

then put model into store using following code



                                var store = Ext.create('', 
                                    model: 'LoginDemo.model.User'


                                //loads any existing data from localStorage
                                //now add some Searches
                                store.add({name: 'Deepak',add: 'Mumbai',mail:''},
                                          {name: 'Rahul',add: 'Pune',mail:''});
                                //finally, save our Search data to localStorage
                                                                //fetch data locationwise
                                var a=store.getAt(0);
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