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I am using facebook api. I want to fetch user data from facebook. User can add register multiple Facebook accounts at a time.

My problem is: If the user logged in once in a Facebook account and want to add another account. It do not logged out automatically from the existed account. I want to logged out the user from existed logged in page and redirect it to the Facebook login page

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You can call the FB.logout function and then call the FB.login function directly after, e.g.

function logout_and_login() {
  FB.logout(function(response) {
    FB.login( function() {
      // do something

Then you can add the function to a button / link as needed.

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Use the javascript api call:

FB.logout(function(response) {
  alert("user is now logged out");

If you are using the PHP-SDK

header("Location: " . $facebook->getLogoutUrl(array('next'=>"")));
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