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I want to test an iPad app that needs an internet connection. I want to sit at my desk next to my router and test it against a poor wifi connection. How can I replicate a really poor wifi connection? Wrap the router in tin foil? Try and limit the router connection speed to the internet?


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You could put other devices into the wifi network and for example download large <b>different</b> files (or streaming video), something that will also increase the requests to your router –  Panagiotis May 28 '12 at 8:58
What specifically do you mean by 'really poor'? Is it just a high packet loss rate through the wifi? Does this test require lower signal strength, or simply lower throughput / higher packet loss? –  Mike Pennington May 29 '12 at 10:21

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In the end I tested the app using the iOS simulator in Xcode on a Mac, then used the excellent Network Link Conditioner tool (that comes with Xcode) to tune my network speed as required. Worked a treat.

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Better ways to do these tests are to use RF isolation chambers.

Did you try reducing the power levels on Access Point to minimum?

On a different note, if you want to have a bad Wi-Fi environment,create lot of interference on same channel from another Access Point.

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