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I have a php script that should delete data from the database after every lets say 15min.

Now in the database table i have a field timestamp ,which stores the current timestamp everytime the field is modified.

after every 15 min i want to check the difference between the currenttime and the value stored in the timestamp field.

I tried if((time()-$row['timestamp'])>900) //( 900 is the seconds)

This aint working because the timestamp field also stores the date along with the current time. how should i proceed

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Actually time() will return current timestamp so it should be compatibe with your timestamp field. –  flowfree May 28 '12 at 8:50
Use the search function please. How to compare time in PHP and/or MySql has been asked and answered a hundred times before and we ask you to do your homework for a reason. –  Gordon May 28 '12 at 8:54

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If you store the time with MySQL TIMESTAMP data type, then the best would be to use a MySQL function that operates on TIMESTAMP data. TIMESTAMPDIFF() would be quite suitable, as it also allows to define unit for the result.

SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, `my_timestamp_column`, NOW()) FROM `my_table`

will return number (integer) of minutes that have passed since my_timestamp_column value. Combine it with either a PHP cron script or simply with every request on your page to achieve the goal:

DELETE FROM `my_table`
WHERE TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, `my_timestamp_column`, NOW()) > 15

Additionally, you may want to read the manual's Date and Time Functions section for some other solutions.

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You can do it with SQL also:

DELETE FROM `table` WHERE `timestamp` < UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - 60 * 15
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You have mentioned that $row['timestamp'] stores the values with datetime format.So to convert it to timestamp, use strtotime() function. So now your code will be,

if((time()-strtotime($row['timestamp']))>900) //( 900 is the seconds)

I hope this helps

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It would be easiest to completely handle this using the database. Use CURR_TIME to get the current timestamp and then use TIMEDIFF() to generate the condition

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