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I am using Velocity with Spring MVC, every thing works very well in my template but set layout, I'm trying to define different layouts and use them in my templates but $layout is not doing anything for me. Am I using a wrong way to set a layout?

This is my layout file: (layout1.vm)

<h1>This is Layout #1</h1>

And here is my template (hello.vm) is going to extend this layout:

#set( $layout = "layout1.vm" )

#foreach ($name in $namelist)

Both this files are located in the same directory, I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions about solving this issue

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Are you using Spring's VelocityLayoutViewResolver (or something like that?) The default Velocity view resolver in Spring MVC doesn't have layout resolution support.

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Yes that's right I am using Spring's VelocityLayoutViewResolver, thanks for your answer, is there a way to have layout management like this in Velocity? – monshi May 30 '12 at 3:59
The VelocityLayoutViewResolver should provide support for this, i think. You might want to ask about this on the spring forums. If you want to ditch Spring MVC, you can always just use the VelocityLayoutServlet from the VelocityTools project. – Nathan Bubna Jun 1 '12 at 16:29

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