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I need to add css height to each page dynamically with jquery.

So far I got the following code, but it does not add height to #wrapper.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance.

function getPageSizeWithScroll(){
if (window.innerHeight && window.scrollMaxY) {// Firefox
	yWithScroll = window.innerHeight + window.scrollMaxY;
	xWithScroll = window.innerWidth + window.scrollMaxX;
} else if (document.body.scrollHeight > document.body.offsetHeight){ // all but Explorer Mac
	yWithScroll = document.body.scrollHeight;
	xWithScroll = document.body.scrollWidth;
} else { // works in Explorer 6 Strict, Mozilla (not FF) and Safari
	yWithScroll = document.body.offsetHeight;
	xWithScroll = document.body.offsetWidth;
arrayPageSizeWithScroll = yWithScroll;
//alert( 'The height is ' + yWithScroll + ' and the width is ' + xWithScroll );
return arrayPageSizeWithScroll;
var newheight = getPageSizeWithScroll() + 30;

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$('#wrapper').css("height", newheight);
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You're setting the height to the string 'newheight', instead of the value of newheight. Simply get rid of the quotes:

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or +'em' or any other if you choose not to go with pixels (of course the logic would change from the 30 value), +1 for this tidbit – Mark Schultheiss Jan 8 '10 at 15:24

you are assigning a string value to your height, all you need to remove quotes and put simply a variable containing value. like

var newheight = getPageSizeWithScroll() + 30;

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So many ways to do the same thing. height method

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This should work:

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