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I have problem with folding when i'm writing code in XML. Actually, When I'm writing java code there is no problem and i can expand/collapse my codes.

However, in XML there is no folding icon although it is active. In side bar (line number), I right click then i select Folding > Enable Folding the width of bar becomes wider but i can't see folding icon. My background of screen is black is it possible this color covers folding icon? I don't think it because of this because when i click those area nothing happens.

any suggestion would be appreciated.

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I use Eclipse-Java EE Juno. XML folding is enabled by default and icons can be seen. But after disable and enabling the "Enable Folding" option, folding icons are not seen. Seems to be a bug in Eclipse. Workaround could be after enabling the option, try to add a new tag (may be dummy one). Then folding icons can be seen.

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Answering 3 years too late but google brings me here, I guess my answer can still be useful :)

The native xml editor from eclipse is able to fold/unfold xml. Neat. This is not the case for the android xml editor (coming with the ADT plugin I guess).

If you need folding for an android xml file, just right-clic on it, open with, XML Editor. This will use eclipse's xml editor, with folding functionality.

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Use WST. WST main project It comes with XML editor that supports formatting and code folding etc.

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this is not available. also, do you know of an android plugin that does it for its xml files? –  android developer May 12 '13 at 12:50
will it work well with Android xml files? –  android developer Sep 10 '14 at 11:20

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