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I followed the tutorial on Facebook: Facebook App Tutorial up to the point where you post actions (Cook) a recipe.

I also followed an outdated tutorial which is similar to the new Facebook tutorial found here: Facebook App Tutorial 2.

The actions do appear on my own news ticker and my own timeline when I view my profile. However, when I login with a test account to view my own profile, the app's actions are not shown on the test account's view of my timeline or the test account's news ticker.

I am friends with my test account. I also made sure privacy settings are public for the actions of the app. I was wondering what steps I am missing before the actions of the app appear when others view my Timeline and their news ticker. Do I have to submit the action in the Open Graph tab?

Sandbox mode is disabled. The test account is able to go to the app page.

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Is the test user you created listed as a Tester or Developer of the application? If you action has not been approved by Facebook, only users listed in the Roles tab of your App Settings will be able to publish and see the action on the timeline.

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Thank you that answers my question, I just added the test account which is not a test user but an alternate facebook account as a tester and am able to see the actions. I wish they explained this more clearly in the tutorial. – user1353088 May 28 '12 at 11:19

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