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Question:: How can i pass the value to parameter named “userParameter” in a query. using requestScope
Kindly help out with the steps to make a request scope work on the same page.

For now I know the following.

  1. I have a page named UserRoomReservation

  2. I have a data control (UserView) Drag the first data control as a table. convert the first column to a link add actionlistener to that link from: #{row.userId} to: #{requestScope.userParameter}

  3. I created another view object via sql query I put a named parameter ":userParameter" the sql query is as written below:::

    SELECT DISTINCT Fullreservation.USERID,
           Meetingrooms."roomId" ,
           COUNT (Fullreservation.roomid) AS countRoomUsage
    FROM FULLRESERVATION Fullreservation, "meetingRooms" Meetingrooms
    WHERE fullreservation.roomid = Meetingrooms."roomId"
    AND Fullreservation.USERID = :userParameter
  4. I dragged it to the same page as a graph. but it doesn't work because the value hasn't been passed to the

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