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AIR's spark.components.WindowedApplication would resize its contents automatically as I manually stretch window bounds or maximize/restore it. But spark.components.Window class does not provide such functionality 'out of the box': the contents of the Window don't change their size as I stretch/maximize/restore the window, when the corresponding spark.components.Window.nativeWindow instance does resize its bounds. My AIR application is required to open multiple windows, and resizable ones. How can I make them automatically resize their contents to match the nativeWindow bounds?

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Assuming you mean the spark.components.Window, this is based on the skinnablecontainer so there shouldn't be anything preventing you from using a percentbased layout / constraint.

<s:Window xmlns:fx="" 
          width="100%" height="100%">

Other methods for manually handling this sort of thing include listening for the ResizeEvent coming from the stage.

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Unfortunately, percentbased width and height don't work with spark.components.Window as we expect - simply nothing happens. Adding an EventListener for Event.RESIZE to stage works well for up-sizing the window. When I try to down-size the window, it jerks but doesn't resize. My code for listener is: private function onStageResize(event:Event):void { width = stage.width; height = stage.height; } – Hunternif Jun 1 '12 at 10:00
Thank you, Mike, now I have figured out the correct way to listen to the resize event. – Hunternif Aug 6 '12 at 15:51

The solution is to listen to a RESIZE event coming from the NativeWindow and then to manually set stageWidth and stageHeight on Window's stage instance. See code below.

override public function open(openWindowActive:Boolean=true):void {;

    if (nativeWindow) {
        chromeWidth = nativeWindow.width - this.width;
        chromeHeight = nativeWindow.height - this.height;
        nativeWindow.addEventListener(NativeWindowBoundsEvent.RESIZE, onNativeResize);

private function onNativeResize(event:NativeWindowBoundsEvent):void {
    stage.stageWidth = event.afterBounds.width - chromeWidth;
    stage.stageHeight = event.afterBounds.height - chromeHeight;
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